10.June - 14.June 2019

The mountain Lake Sary-Chelek, by right is considered the most beautiful place in the west of Kyrgyzstan. It lies at the height of 1940 m above sea level in the foothills of the Chatkal Range, in 500 km from the capital of the country of the city of Bishkek. Lake extent from the southwest on the northeast is 7.5 km, the area of a water mirror is equal to 50.7, and depths in places reach 234 m. It was formed as a result of the most powerful earthquake, the event many centuries ago when the collapse, improbable on scales, partitioned off one of inflows of the Kara-Suu River - Kodzho-Ata, and the river flooded all valley.  




16.June-20.June 2019

Extensive territories of the fruit and nut woods in the valley of the river Arslanbob - the largest in the world, their area reaches more than 600,000 hectares. Every year in Arslanbobe collect up to 1500 tons of a harvest of nuts and also 5000 tons of apples, pistachios and cherry plum. Already for many years Arslanbob that in translation from Kyrgyz is meant by "the king of the woods", is the national reserve.




5.June-15.June 2019

Fascinating 10-day tour to Kyrgyzstan is practically deprived of hackneyed tourist spots. This tour is a rare opportunity to dive into the beauty of mountains where even the most skeptical person will be inspired by the grandeur of nature. You will enjoy the road between cities and villages; you will get through several mountain passes where you will see breathtaking views. The time spent in Kyrgyzstan will be the brightest in a year and you will take the memories of this trip through all your life.




Alpine skiing base "ZIL" the most demanded place of winter holidays in Kyrgyzstan. Three years in a row the alpine skiing base "ZIL" takes 1 place in the Republic and gets a gold medal from 17 alpine skiing bases. Advantage of alpine skiing base "ZIL" is the direct proximity from Bishkek (35 km.). It is located in the beautiful beautifull place by the 1850th above sea level. Big convenience to vacationers are excellent access roads, eight the equipped parkings, at least for 700 cars. In five kilometers from our base the glacier of "KEHTOP" is located, the all-wheel drive car quietly reaches a glacier. The glacier is located at the height of 3500 meters above sea level. In the near future installation of the cableway on a glacier of "KEHTOP" is planned, it will be possible to ski all the year round. 


The alpine skiing Chunkurchak complex is the great place for individual, family and corporate holiday and also the organization and holding sporting and entertaining events of various level.
Five modern chair lifts function: double, triple and three four-seater, with a total length more than 4.5 kilometers. The maximum extent of routes is more than 10 kilometers, height difference about 370 meters. For convenience of vacationers, all elevators have the name, and differ in the colors. 

GORGE Zheti-Oguz

Dzhety-Oguz – picturesque mountains from sandstone which are approximately in 25 km to the southwest from Karakol. The name means "seven bulls" because of similarity of outlines of seven rocks with silhouettes of huge bulls. Rocks Dzheti-Oguz are the protected nature sanctuary. 


The lake Son-Kul is the fantastic mountain lake of Tien Shan. Its name can be translated into Russian as "the Last Lake", but it is only one of options. It is located in a huge hollow between ridges Son-Kultau and Moldotau at the height of 3016 meters above sea level, in a northwest part of the Naryn region. The lake stretches for 29 km in length and on 18 km in width, reaching at the same time depth to 22 m. It is one of the largest mountain lakes and the largest natural freshwater reservoir of Kyrgyzstan: the area of a mirror of the lake is equal to 278


Sulaiman-Too was found by popularity in the people not only as a symbol of the oldest city of Osh. It is well-known for the most surprising legends, sacrality including the mystical caves. People get on the mountain not so much to see a city panorama how many to touch a shrine in hope to embody the most intimate dreams.

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