The gorge Chychkan is a long and picturesque gorge which slopes are covered with the Tien Shan fir-tree, flowers and thickets of mountain berries of very few people leave indifferent. This great place for rest, a picnic or small walk on woody slopes of mountains.
Such quantity of vegetation is impossible without a large amount of water. In her Chychkana really there is a lot of. On a bottom of the gorge the rough river which flows into the Toktogul Reservoir flows, and fill its numerous streams which flow down from slopes of mountains after thawing of mountain snow. Also is to the gorge and several small lakes which are located at the height of 3000 meters.
Chychkan is famous for the honey. The gorge is rich with flowers and herbs, and therefore honey extraordinary fragrant and tasty here. Also here many curative plants which are used for a zavarivaniye of tea and preparation of various broths grow.

The tower of the Snow-storm is the main monument of ancient culture of the Chuy Valley and the well-known Great Silk Way passing across its territory. The tower which in due time was the highest minaret of Central Asia was heart of the capital of the state of Karakhanidov — the city of Balasaguna — being located in this territory at 10-12 centuries. Its initial height equaled to 40 meters, but during an earthquake the top part of a tower collapsed and since then height of a tower is 21 meters.
The cultural importance of a tower is really high as it is the only monument of ancient architecture which reached us in the region remained in such scale. Besides a tower, all territory of the Buraninsky ancient settlement is of great interest. In its territory numerous barrows, the remains of ancient fortification constructions and also so-called "rock-garden" — a meeting of balbal (ancient stone gravestones) and stone instruments of labor are located (mill millstones and so forth)
The complex is in very beautifull place, near Shamsinsky and Kegetinsky gorges, a little to the south of the city of Tokmok. From here the magnificent panorama on east part of the Kyrgyz ridge opens, and in May and June it is possible to find blossoming of poppy fields.
In the territory of the ancient settlement the museum in which it is possible to get acquainted with rich history of this place works. There are a souvenir shop and vacation spots. The entrance on the territory of a complex costs 60 som. This price includes visit of the museum and an opportunity to rise by a tower.

Tash Rabat (also Tashrabat) is the ancient caravanserai which is located in the territory of the Naryn region, being near border with China, one of key parts of an ancient Great Silk Way.
The caravanserai is at impressive height — 3100 meters, in the southern part of the At-Bashi ridge. Exactly here the numerous caravans loaded with east goods going from China found centuries a shelter. The history Tash Rabat goes to far antiquity. In the II—I centuries BC and in the I—II centuries AD on this area caravans of merchants went. Later the main route of the Silk way changed, but all the same this place was often visited by trade caravans. In the 10-11th centuries the monastery, according to different versions either Buddhist, or Christian which fell into decay is based here. On its remains in the 15-14th centuries the caravanserai, one four the most important in Central Asia is built.
It is perfectly remained cultural and historical monument unique in the territory of Kyrgyzstan and one of the most important remains of the Great Silk Way which reached us in such safety.

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