Our team specializes on organizing unforgettable tours both for individuals and groups to the heart of the ancient Silk Road – Kyrgyzstan. We offer exclusive moments to experience nomadic culture and its wild nature which are almost reaching heaven from earth. With us you can bike throughout all the mountains, ride horses as the real nomads, camp in the most unknown valleys, hike with the best hospitable guides, ski on the perfect snow and feel most welcomed and as the part of the big ancient tribes living in modern Kyrgyzstan. You will taste the most delicious traditional foods and mixed Central Asian cuisine. At the same time you can experience newly growing culture of modernity and see the nightlife in the capital. Moreover, we can make for you the most romantic trips as honey moon. We are eager to assist to plan your business or educational project trips to Kyrgyzstan on the most professional level. We are young and strongly motivated team to guide you on the most creative way in our home country Kyrgyzstan.

Chyngyz Niiazov

Chyngyz is very patriotic of Kyrgyzstan and loves hosting guests from abroad to share with nomadic culture's wisdom and lifestyle. He has grown both in the capital Bishkek and Chong-Tuz village. He loved his time spending with his grandfather Orozobek who was elder of the village and skilled nomad. Chyngyz has studied architecture and spent time in Germany. Currently he is part of the growing modern nomadic culture in the heart of the Silk Road and likes also bazaars where he owns also shops. The idea to build his own tourism company came out from the desire to bring together Kyrgyz culture closer to the world.

Kunduz Niiazova
Co-Founder and
international consultant

Kunduz is global citizen and lives currently in Israel. She is currently PhD student at Tel Aviv University and researches about Jewish-Kyrgyz Intellectual Nexus during 1930-1970 in the Soviet Kyrgyzstan. She is very supportive of Arstan Ajim Group Travel Company and consults the team with her knowledge on developing tours and events with deep knowledge on history. Moreover, she organizes workshops and mentoring for the team to be present in the international tourism market by encouraging to take part on international tourism exhibitions. Also she supports the team on building high standards of corporate social responsibility and of strong customer service. She also trains guides of the team.

Venera Isakul kyzy
General Director
Aytbaeva Bermet
General Manager

Venera is very well-organized indeed modern nomad who can continuously adapt to the new challenges and solve the problems very creatively. She is very kind and bright young expert in the IT sphere. She is very sensitive to the individual and global needs of the guests. Her strength is indeed not only expertise but also personal qualities which generates the whole team and brings together guests abroad to the incredible encountering with experiencing Kyrgyzstan in the most amazing way.

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